Jereh has established a highly efficient equipment and material supplier management system to assess and evaluate the qualification and production capacity of worldwide suppliers and build up a supplier network satisfying project demands and requirements.

Globalized Procurement Management System

Jereh has procurement centers in China, United States, Canada, Middle East and Russia, capable of synchronously managing over 70,000 kinds of raw materials globally. Jereh provides strong guarantee for project success by timely procuring equipment and material of highest quality at a competitive price. Meanwhile, Jereh owns advanced supplier management system for supplier’s lifecycle and comprehensive management; and every year, Jereh makes new supplier development plan in terms of quality, price, delivery schedule and after-sales service, and puts the qualified into supplier database.


Wide Supplier Source

We have built a diverse supplier base through our efforts and years of procurement experience accumulation. Up to now, there are more than 4,900+ suppliers registered in our supplier database that are updated and complemented from time to time. Among these 4,900 +suppliers, more than 3800+ suppliers have supplied equipment and/or materials to us.


Advanced Management System

We have advanced procurement management system, fully support and share global procurement knowledge with jereh's other branch companies in other 6 countries.


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